About Me Sally Coffey, Scottish and British travel writer, editor, copy-writer

Who am I?

I am a British travel writer and editor with 15 years experience. Throughout my career, I’ve worked across multiple platforms, from glossy magazines to websites, apps to newsletters, and the latest string to my bow: books.

In April 2018, I left the comfort of my editor’s chair at BRITAIN magazine and I have just completed my first book – a travel guide to Scotland for Avalon Travel called Moon Edinburgh, Glasgow and the Isle of Skye.

It’s been a real adventure researching this book, which has taken me to lots of unusual and hidden-away parts of Scotland. I’ve had to master the art of driving winding single-track roads (mostly successfully, we won’t mention the ditch). At times I’ve had to engage diplomacy to convince lazy local sheep to let me pass, and patience when they would not. I’ve hiked to desolate beaches and forgotten villages to get a sense of the vastness of the landscape. It’s also brought home to me the human cost of the Highland Clearances.

I’ve done my best to seek out the most convivial Highland inns and pubs and I’ve visited many a distillery. All in the name of research, you understand.

Sometimes I’ve travelled solo, at other times I’ve been joined by friends. On one epic three-week expedition I even dragged the whole family along.

Aside from the book, as a full-time freelance journalist, I write for a range of newspapers, digital brands and magazines. So far this year, I’ve had bylines in The Telegraph, lovePROPERTY, loveEXPLORING, BRITAIN, The Sunday Times, The Metro and the Independent.

I also provide copy-writing services for a leading superyacht company.

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