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My first travel guidebook, Moon Edinburgh, Glasgow and the Isle of Skye, was published by Avalon Travel in 2019. My second book, Moon Scotland, is due out in August 2022. Though I began this book before the Covid-19 crisis, it was largely written during the pandemic (with trips taken between the various lockdowns). I hope with this book I’ve managed to thread together inspiring itineraries that demonstrate how responsible travel can both help local economies recover and safeguard natural landscapes.


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I am currently editor of both Scotland and Discover Britain magazines.

I edited the spring 2019 Summer Picks travel guide from Cawston Press and the Umbrella Collective, which went out with the Evening Standard and Time Out and had major distribution in coffee shops across London. This beautifully designed magazine was packed with lots of lovely things to do in summer, from off-grid escapes to seaside days and wild adventures. Personally, I wanted to do them all.

Prior to this, I was editor of BRITAIN, the London Guide, and the BRITAIN Guide for four years.



With 20 years’ experience writing and editing across a range of platforms, from local newspapers to consumer magazines, websites and apps, I can work even the most jargon-heavy content into something digestible. I currently provide copywriting and digital comms support for a major superyacht company.

If, like them, you would like to develop a voice for your brand or need ready-to-go SEO copy, then please, step this way.


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