Sally and Chelly Loch Torridon, Wester Ross, Scotland

Scotland is good for the soul

Last year was a tough one for me.

At times I felt like the world was pressing down on me and I needed head space. Walking helped release some tension, in fact I found being outside generally lifted my spirits. There’s something about watching the waves lap the shore with unerring certainty or feeling the pinch of the wind on your face that reminds you that life goes on.

And life did go on, tentatively. But it was on a trip to the Western Highlands in Scotland late last year that my healing process really began.

It turns out that bracing walks in the shadows of mountains, stomach-churning drives along cliff edges (‘hairpin bend’ was my phrase of the holiday), and laughing and singing with new friends over a single malt (and piano) were the tonics I needed.

I can’t tell you how many times my friend and I (that’s me on the left) just turned to each other and said: “I’m really happy”. Scotland it seems, is my happy place.

So, having visited Scotland many times over the years, I am now embarking on regular travels north of the border and writing my very own travel guidebook to this most special of places. Stay tuned for updates and some stunning photography – with a model like Scotland, I can’t go wrong.